Melbourne's Best Busker!

Last Thursday I was named "Melbourne's Best Busker" as part of Streetchange! More info soon! :-)

The Best Idea for Humanity

The Best Idea for Humanity is a competition to discover ideas in all types of fields that will change the world. This is my entry!

Imagine a song with one verse where the words are about our connectedness to each other, our commonalities, the things and the sounds that we have in common. Then imagine a song being developed from these sounds and including the heart beat of an unborn child. Then imagine it sung over and over again in every language in the world. Beginning in English and Australian Aboriginal dialects, then any country in the world can add their language and their words, and in that way it becomes the never ending song of different languages across the globe. Humanity's Heart Beat.

The second phase is to take this song and teach it in schools, groups and villages across the world and it becomes a song that can teach children about other cultures and languages and indigenous peoples. Let your heart sing to the rhythm of Humanity's heart beat and sing it forward.

Please vote for my idea on my profile page and help me make the difference I am here to make!

Have you ever had a dream?

Have you ever had a dream, a wish, a longing to do something special in your life. Then you get to a certain age and you think it is too late? Well that almost happened to me. But not now, I stopped being a fulltime psychologist to follow my dream! I am so excited because I am opening doors and creating opportunities every day. Stay tuned for further news!!!