The Journey of a Lifetime

"I heard a Robyn singing and our hearts connected"

I am a 56 year young woman, married with three beautiful grown daughters. In September of 2009 I became a grandmother for the first time to a baby boy named Thomas. I am the youngest of six children and I have a twin brother.

I am a general trained nurse, psychiatric trained nurse, naturopath, masseur, reflexologist, Herbal medicine practitioner and Psychologist. I went to university in my 40th year and I have a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology and Social Research methods. I have a PhD, "Participatory Action Research in a psychiatric Unit: Striving for Optimal Work practices".

I spent my life building credentials, but in my heart I knew something was missing.

I knew that if I died without singing, I would die with a broken heart.

I learned to sing in my teenage years, and for the most part have not sang publicly until a couple of years ago. In the 1980’s I sang on the Bert Newton show, housewife superstar. This was a once off performance and I again went back to my life and apart from the occasional family request, I did not sing again publicly for the next 25 years.

Three years ago, I began to have singing lessons again. I joined multiple choirs both in and out of Sunbury and built my confidence by singing with other talented men and women. I had the great opportunity to perform on Channel 7's "Battle of the Choirs", where I was interviewed about my history and passion to become a solo singer. Singing in a group is not enough for me, so I stopped working as a psychologist a couple of months ago to focus all my energy on my life long dream of singing.

What I love to do is move people when I sing. If someone says that they cried or got goosebumps, I feel that I have really connected with that person.

Thats what singing is all about for me, deep intimacy through song, a connectedness.

I had my first coming out recital about 2 years ago at Olive Hill Estate.

I released my first solo CD "I heard a Robyn Singing: Songs of dreams and Inspiration" on November 22nd 2009.